It is nightmare if your loyalty points get burned every year, don't lose it!

convert your loyalty point or cashback into cryptocurrency.

  • Never spend without earning again.

    Tara maximizes your spend into future investment.

    Customers, as usual, earn rewards for their purchases; these rewards, however, are then tokenized. This allows customers to redeem rewards with any business on the platform that accepts this token.

    Fair Launch

    Automatic Burning Supply: 1% from each transaction will burned, RFI Static Reward: 3% from each transaction will distributed to holders, Automatic Charity Funding: 4% from each transaction will be distributed to charity & marketing wallet, Liqiudity lock for 1 Year.


    The XTRA-based tokenization platform brings full transparency to the trading process.

    Immutability of ledgers

    A perfectly auditable record of transaction activity that cannot be forged or altered.

    Built-in decentralized exchange

    Any token issued on the XTRA-based platform can be bought and sold immediately on an internal decentralized exchange using the native offer mechanism.

    Collect your rewards

    Collect points everytime you spend by do transaction on our merchant


    Convert your loyalty points into our token


    Get highest rewards with monthly transaction.


    The $XTRA Token

    Our tokenomics have been designed to provide both stability and reward hold while sustaining the ecosystem development and growth.

    • 3% RFI Static Reward from each transaction will distributed to holders.
    • 1% Automatic burn from each transaction.
    • 4% from each transaction will be distributed to charity & marketing wallet
    • Liquidity Lock 1 Year.
    Read Contract
    Research & audited by



    Quarter 3, 2021

    • Presale on Unicrypt
    • DEX Listing on Pancake Swap
    • Unroll Marketing Plan
    • Submitting to CoinGecko after 500 holders
    • Start development TARA Dapps Loyalty Rewards for MVP
    • Start development TARA Coin Vote App
    • Build API Integration Services for Other Platform (for example plugins for eCommerce & Point of Sale Platform)
    • Develop Community (Local & Global Community)
    • Updating Company Data to Indonesia Government Public Service as a Company Who Running Blockchain on Our Services.
    • do Some Simple Audit for Smartcontract.
    • Launch TARA Platform Blog


    Quarter 4, 2021

    • Approaching Global CEX Listing
    • Launch Android Alpha Version of TARA Dapps Loyalty Rewards Application.
    • Launch Beta Version of API & TARA eCommerce Plugins.
    • Launch Beta Version TARA Coin Vote
    • Launch Beta Version TARA Online Monitoring Tools
    • Launch TARA Platform New Website
    • Launch Corporate New Website
    • Listed on CoinGecko
    • Listed on Coin Market Cap


    Quarter 1, 2022

    • do Blockchain Certification Security (CERTIK)
    • do KYC Compliance
    • Approaching Local CEX Listing
    • do Market Penetration & Implementation with Local Store.

    The Team

    Isman Ramadhan Sitorus

    CEO of Group KDIGITAL

    10+ years experience in technology, creative and marketing industry. Cryptocurrency portfolio and blockchain technology enthusiast.

    Aldy Putra Dwitama

    Chief Technology Officer of Tara Platform

    5+ years experience as a full stack web and mobile applicaton developer, AI, Machine Learning and blockchain enthusiast.

    Harsinta Dwinar R

    Community Manager

    Nuruddin Fachmi

    Business Development Advisor

    Agung Trilaksono Suwarto Putra

    Technology Advisor

    Frequently Ask Questions

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    Where Can I Buy XTRA Token?

    XTRA Token will Pre-Sale on Unicrypt Launchpad on 2nd week August 2021.

    The new contract address of $XTRA Token is 0x5F02C4Dcb270999282b850Caa47Af749Ce49FE00.

    The V2 Decentralized (DEX) aspect of $XTRA launched on Pancake Swap.

    We invite you to check out the roadmap on here.